AS Alexela Slovaag is a fully owned subsidiary
of Alexela Logistics AS, an Estonian based
company which owns and operates several
oil terminals in Northern Europe and in the Baltics.


The company has long and broad experience and offers
clients access to a large logistic network for handling and
storage of all types of oil products. 

The terminal situated in Gulen Industrial Harbor area is a top
modern oil product storage facility which is mainly handling
gasoline and other light oil products. The terminal meets all
national and international regulations and it is fully licensed
by the Norwegian authorities.

The terminal is flexible. Several products can be stored at the
same time. Internal pumping between the tanks, blending and
additivation can be performed.

Thru sophisticated internal control system and website clients
have complete logistical information and full control of their
products stored at the terminal in real time 24/7.